Statement by the Consistory of Greenville Church


Greenville Community Reformed Church is pleased to celebrate the 500th Anniversary of the beginning of the Protestant Reformation. We look forward to the opportunities and challenges of the next 500 years.


We know that we celebrate this anniversary in the company of many others. We welcome the brotherhood and sisterhood of all Christian denominations and look forward to increasingly positive relationships with all other religions.


We take this moment to express our pride in the progress made in our own country. We are especially happy that ancestry or birth are no longer deemed acceptable as an excuse to restrict personal rights; also, in large part due to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr, who was named after the person who initiated the Protestant Reformation, we are pleased to note the important efforts that have been made to provide all people with the opportunities that they deserve.

Our pride in this progress is only tempered by the fact that much remains to be done.


We regret that there are parts of American society that continue to oppose the rights and opportunities of all people and continue to advocate for repression and intolerance.


We oppose the efforts of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and adherents of the Nazi party to repress the peoples that they demean. We call on those adherents to renounce the ideas that derive from those movements and to return to the fold of Christ.


At this important moment in the history of Christian churches everywhere, we call on our sisters and brothers in Christ to join us in rejecting the ideas of intolerance and hate, ideas that are incompatible with fundamental Christian teachings.

For release on October 29, 2017