YOU AND YOUR WEDDING - Greenville Community Church is ready to make your wedding a beautiful and memorable occasion. The following information is given to help you plan for this important event. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to talk to the minister. The church wants to do everything it can to make your wedding here an experience you will treasure all your life.


SETTING THE DATE - Before a definite date is chosen, contact the church to make sure the church and the minister are available. The church office phone number is 914-723-1266.


REHEARSAL - A rehearsal date should also be set. The usual time is the evening before the wedding. About one hour should be allowed for the rehearsal, and all the principals are urged to be prompt.


PASTORAL COUNSELING - A significant step in preparation for your wedding is the time spent in premarital counseling. This involves one or more sessions and is designed according to the interests of the couple.


MUSIC - Music is an integral part of a wedding ceremony.  Church musicians offer organ, piano, violin, vocal, and more in order to provide outstanding music tailored to the interests of the couple.


PICTURE TAKING - Photographers are requested to refrain from taking flash pictures during the wedding service. Quiet non-flash pictures may be taken from the balcony of the church; the same holds true for video recording. Remember that your wedding is a worship service.


DECORATION IN THE CHURCH - If a wedding is held during the Christmas or Easter seasons, arrangements should be made to use the church decorations, otherwise talk to the minister about all the possibilities.  Our sanctuary is very simple and so it does not require elaborate decoration to make it elegant and beautiful for your wedding. 


SEXTON - The services of the sexton (church janitor) are needed to prepare the church for the wedding and to clean it afterward.


EXPENSES – There are no charges for members for use of the church’s facilities or for the services of the minister.  Other possible costs for church members are for flowers, musicians and custodial care.  Contact the church office for more details.